Dan and I went to Sams club and bought bulk products. I am not usually a fan of Walmart brands - but in this time of high prices, I had to do it. Plus I have a free membership through work. I now have enough toilet paper to last me through the summer.

Afterwards we went kayaking at Moss Bay - I swear, I should just work there I am there enough. We went to Westlake Whole Foods first and got some lunch to bring with us. We ended up eating lunch at Gasworks park and oddly enough there was a couple next to us - and her name was Elise, also.

We came to my house.. took a nap then woke up and I made dinner. We ate that, drank a few Corona's and then Tom texted he was at Del Rey - so we went to Del Ray, surprise surprise. I go there so often I should probably buy stock in that place. We hung out with Tom's friends and one of his friends randomly met a girl there that he originally met on Match.com. She got wasted which was pretty funny, but you should never do that on a date! Let alone a random internet date.

It was pretty crowded at Del Ray, so we headed over to Cyclops for some Session Lager in a bucket. We hung out there for a bit, and I also found out I was the only one at the table that did not have a match.com account... weird.

Dan and I went home and I cooked up eggs over hashbrowns. It was yummy and needed to soak up some of the beer. Then we went to sleep.

Today I took a nap, and now I am working. Lame, I know. I am going to clean, too and maybe go for a jog/walk and then go to bed early tonight!


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