I had yet another one of my busy Pacific Northwest weekends. The weather was pretty chilly the past few days, in fact it snowed Friday.. Just some flurries in Belltown, but some places got a few inches, which is not very common, especially in April.

Friday after work, I took a nap - which was much needed after the late night I had on Thursday with Scott. I woke up, showered, my friend Ed came over and we just hung out. We ordered food from Bell Thai which delivers. The food was good, wasn't great, but they have free delivery which, on a cold night, makes it taste even better! The guy taking my order was adamant that I could only pay with cash, though I think they take cards, too. I am sure I will be ordering from there again, just based on the $10 minimum delivery fee but probably would not go there if I was walking. We then watched some bums/crackheads (including a really thuggish drug deal), Ed took a spill on the balance board, we watched that Benny Lava YouTube video a few times and watched the dance moves. I think it would be funny if it was spoofed with English speaking people saying the fake subtitles.

Saturday I woke up, got dressed and what not. Moss came over because we were going apartment shopping in my area. We saw the apartment I think he is going to get, we came back and drank some tea, talked, then we decided to go to the Underground Tour. The Underground Tour consists of going to "Old Seattle" which is about 25 or so feet lower than where Seattle is currently built. You do learn a lot of the history of the city from the tour guide, and you are trudging through old basement type tunnels that were shops, stores, bars or roads underground. If you go, wear decent shoes and take a pass on their lunch deal. It is one of those touristy things to do, I am glad I did it, but if you were a tourist and only had a few days, I would skip this one and do more fun touristy activities like Ride the Ducks, Bank of America Building Observation Deck, The Argosy Locks Cruise, or going on a guided tour in a kayak at Moss Bay.

After that we went to Del Rey for cheap happy hour and we got a bit tipsy. We came back to my apartment, but not before I yelled at some crackheads for pissing by my apartment. The one followed us and said something to Moss about my ass or something... maybe he thought Moss was my pimp???

Moss left, I took a quick nap, then showered, called Dan, but he was sick... called Tom to try to get him to come out - but he never called back, got dressed and took a cab to Fremont. We pre-drank at Moss's friends house for a bit before going to Red Door. I wasn't a huge fan. It was crowded, a bunch of douchebag looking college kids, tons of white boys though - and way more men than women. Shots were like 8 bucks or so, Dos Equis were like 4 or 5 bucks each. We were not there too long before we were on our way to Ballroom. We made a quick stop at a hotdog stand, where I got a veggie dog, and then somehow ended up at High Dive for a bit. I lost Moss in there cuz I knew someone, and then he almost left without me. I was so pissed. He thought the guy I was talking to I was trying to mac on or something and was trying to give me space... but like, that doesn't mean leave me.

Anyway, then I got over the pissy part and we went over to Ballroom. It was full of college kids or younger kids, more girls than the last place. The music was decent, it was crowded and the bathroom was too small and the lines were long. I had fun though, dancing and I think I attempted to play pool?? They also serve pizza late night, if you are feeling hungry, though I didn't try it. Also, a girl with a really tall heel stepped on my toe, and my toe is all bruised now :(

Moss and I then came back to my house, he crashed on the floor here (as it is way more fun than his current living situation), and then after waking up we attempted to go to Macrina Bakery for breakfast. Their menu looked amazing, but it was overly busy and a long wait. We walked across the street to Cyclops and had breakfast there. They have a decent breakfast menu, but I did not end up getting what I ordered, which was an egg scramble and got a tofu scramble instead. Talk about being disappointed, tofu?? I mean, I dig tofu, but when you are expecting an egg breakfast to cure your hangover, the last thing you want is tofu. I mentioned it to our waiter, and they offered to make me a new one and take it off my tab, which was nice. I did not want to wait for a new one, so I ate the tofu.

I took Moss home, called Tom to maybe hang out one day since we have not in forever, then I came back to my apartment, did the dishes, and got back into bed. Since it is 4/20/2008 today, the TV channels are making a big deal out of it and have funny stoner comedies on today. It was kind of exciting. I fell asleep to Half Baked on G4 channel and woke up a little later to watch the Pistons/76ers game. Yeah, that was sad. The Pistons lost - I don't want to talk about it.

I am going to work a bit now, try to tie up some loose ends before my work week, and then maybe order some food or maybe sushi, yum?


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