I have been very busy these past few days with life and work. I've been working... Lame, I know. I did do something crazy and very unlike me though... I went to the Eastside!!!

It was semi warm out, and I felt like driving my car. Plus there is nothing like the view of Mount Rainier from the 520 bridge. It really is one of the prettiest drives in Seattle. My friend Nick and I went to Inchin's Bamboo Garden in Redmond. I was not that impressed. Service was slow, the food was just OK (our noodle dish was bland as can be), and when asked how the food was Nick kind of said it was not that good and our waitress was kind of weird about it and did not offer to comp our bad noodles, just brushed it off as the kitchen's fault. I will not be going back there, especially since it is on the Eastside. I will say, however, it is nice to go to restaurants and not pay Belltown prices.

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I was in bed semi early when my phone rang, and it was Dan. So, I put on some real clothes, got into my car and picked him up. We got back to my house and really, I was so exhausted we just went to bed. We watched random things on TV for awhile, and eventually I made us my fav sandwich... consisting of... tomato, fresh mozzarella, spinach, red onion, avacado, cucumber, balsamic vinegar and a bit of salt and pepper on the bread I always get from Metro Market. Oh, Dan had turkey on his, and rarely do I put meat on mine, but I put chicken breast on mine. Yum.

Saturday we slept in longer than we had planned... but got up... I made breakfast of french toast and berries. We made it out of my house by about 11:30, then went to Dan's house so he could shower and get ready - which takes that boy all of 12 minutes...!

The weather was so beautiful, it was a very very sunny 72 degrees. We went to Moss Bay and rented kayaks. We went all around Lake Union, through that canal at Montlake into Lake Washington, through the Arboretum, up by those random art pieces off of 520... etc. It was so amazing, paddling towards the mountain. We hung out in the waves for a bit, then headed back. We were gone for awhile, approximately 4 hours. Then I dropped Dan at his apt, I headed to Whole Foods.

At Whole Foods I picked up food to grill for us. We grilled on my rooftop deck...Steak for Dan and Salmon for me. I also made baked potato and asparagus, not to mention a spinach salad with lots of veggies. We also drank a few Pyramid Hef's...

Then we went back to my apartment, we were pretty sunburnt so instead of going home, we ended up just hanging in my apt, talking a lot, drinking beer, watching bums off my balcony... talking some more and then falling asleep to SNL.

Sunday was rough because I think we were a bit hungover but we went to Kingfish Cafe for Brunch with Dan's brother. I had the buttermilk pancakes, they were pretty good, but I wanted some scramble that has meat in it, without the meat - they couldn't do that because it was already pre-mixed or something.

After lunch I went to Tom's apartment. He had been in Tennessee for his brother's wedding, so it was the first time I had seen him in a bit. I ended up falling asleep for a quick nap on his comfy chair and then waking up and ordering Umi Sake House take out. We ate there, watched some Big Brother, and then I went home and worked some more.

Yesterday I actually went to Umi Sake House again with my friend Tony for happy hour. Then today I worked a lot!! And old friend, Pilot Mike, called me today and it was nice to catch up. I also had to drop off my payment to the MI Treasury, yeah, I owed Michigan tax, blah! I took it to the post office at 5th and Wall. I think it is independently owned, or something, because it is half post office, half store with odd and random items like Endust and sparkle hair clips and they do not take credit cards. But the nice thing was... at 4:30pm on tax day - no line!!

Now I am here, home, working, just got off the phone with an old friend from Montreal, Jeff... We had had a falling out, but apparently are back in one another's lives... funny how that happens... a lot.. and nice, too.


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