I know many movies are remakes of old movies/stories... and sometimes they are amazing, examples are The Departed, Oceans 11, even Mr. Deeds with Adam Sandler (maybe it is because of my love of John Turturro's acting)... but today on E! - yeah, I watch E! - I saw a story that made me not so happy...

When I was a kid, along with many other girls of the 80's, my favorite movie was Teen Witch. It was a story about an unpopular girl, Louise, that finds out on her 16th birthday that she is a witch and has special powers which she uses to become the most popular girl, embarrass her teacher in retaliation for outing her birth control pills in class, win the heart of the captain of the football team, Brad, not to mention get backstage passes to her favorite singer's concert...

My sister, friends and I must have watched this movie hundreds of times. It was a very popular sleep over party pastime. To this day I still remember all the words, the songs, the cheesy 80's raps, and suddenly I find myself wanting a digital copy of this movie, so I can watch it again. Actually, I am going to do that, and have my sis watch it with me when I go to Detroit in June. Yeah, I am that cheesy.

Well, back to E!, they announced that there was going to be a remake of Teen Witch, and that it would star Ashley Tisdale. Here is a news story: Ashley Tisdale Remakes 'Teen Witch'

I am glad that this movie is worthy of a remake, but will they still say "Look how funky he is..." I know it is impossible to keep the 80's nostalgic factor afloat, and I am feeling a bit bummed that this movie needs a remake... Just release it again ;)


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