Last night I worked, worked out, then (after a shower, of course) met up with Moss and his boys at Belltown Billards. We played pool, we danced... I had a good time. I have not really hung out at Belltown Billards,but it is a odd and diverse crowd on Thursday nights. I was surprised how many people were there, either playing pool or dancing on the dance floor. Drinks are pretty expensive there and I kept receiving warm Coronas. I have also been warned to never leave your tab open there, always close it out, because they have a rep of charging you for drinks you did not purchase.

At one point Moss and I were standing at the bar and this older man, like 60 maybe?, came up behind me, put his arms around me and very drunkenly slurred into my ear... "I am sorry, I am dancing like an asshole." I said, "That's O.K."... as I tried to pull away. He kept holding on to me and then went on to tell me how he was financially sound and if I went home with him he could take care of me. At this point I am grabbing Moss to help me out here, because the old man had me in a bear hug.... Moss then thought I knew him or something, because he did not think a random stranger would act like that.

Moss and I drank and bit, he ended up chilling here for the night and I drove him home this morning, then went to Metropolitan Market to get some basic groceries and toilet paper... because I have been out since Wednesday. I thought I had another 4 pack, but I was wrong. Well, Metro Market had Vernors, which I had to buy... and I got so excited by the Detroit pop... that I forgot toilet paper!!! Now I am going to have to go to Ralph's to get some and pay like 12 dollars for one roll.

Later today, around 4pm, I am going to see the Dalai Lama, and then Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds at Key Arena. I am super excited. It's called Seeds of Compassion. How often do you get to see the Dalai Lama? Yeah, excited. I'll update all about it tomorrow.

Oh, and a fun link... My friend Ed sent me this link about Taco Trucks/Vans in Seattle. Seattle Taco Trucks


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