My friend Jeff is visiting from Detroit (which is my hometown...) In true Jeff fashion, we have been going out and everything has been "wasted lives"... which basically means that we drink too much and act like fools. That seems to happen when you are celebrating, which lead me to say this morning over breakfast - I am never celebrating again.

I am not sure why most celebrations involve a lot of alcohol, but they always seem to. I am fine when it is just beer, or wine... but get those shots in me and I become - well, annoying. I am sure this happens to most people.

So, to break it down... Jeff, Charlie, and I went to Del Rey for happy hour (in Belltown - $3 Dos Equis, $4 small plates). They have a great staff, amazing women's bathrooms, the food is excellent - especially for a bar, tons of options! Fri and Sat gets pretty busy at night, so you might not get a table and they often have a line out front. I like sitting in the large booths that can easily hold 6 people comfortably. Also, they always play great music.
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Then we met up with Jim at the Sonics Game (they lost, again), Jim's House in Greenwood, some awesome Mexican restaurant in Ballard, Ozzies (denied entry due to Jeff being too drunk), Pesos (though Jeff was kicked out for being too drunk), Dick's for late night burgers for Jeff, and finally... my apartment. It was a rough day today, to say the least.

Then today we went kayaking on Lake Union (rented at Moss Bay (they seem to be the least expensive in the area, nice boats, too) and Tandoori Hut for Indian Buffet... then I dropped him off at SeaTac because he is going to Portland for a few days before coming back up here on Sat. I am sure Saturday night will be another "wasted lives" night...

Until then... enjoy some pics from the eve...

Here is a LINK to the full album... ;)


The Outlander said…
What about the $100 Martini ;) ... tastes like a @10 martini... must have been a typo :D

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