So, Monday... Well, for a Monday it was a beautiful day. I woke up, went to my doctor for a general check up at 5th and Olive. I walked there, which is a bit odd sometimes. Drunks are out at 8:30am, drinking 40's... I walked on 2nd to Virginia then up to 5th and over to Olive. I do not understand why Seattle is not more strict on aggressive begging... but I digress...

Today, after I got back I worked until about 5 when Jim called me and we went to Umi Sake House, again, for happy hour. We then came back to my apt, sat on my balcony and watched the sun go down, and watched crackheads underneath us sell drugs and smoke crack. Yeah. I called the police, but they did not show. Sad.

Now I am going to do a bit more work, then watch some E! and go to bed!!!


The Outlander said…
What?! No action! I want my time back!!

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