So, this weekend was pretty low-key. Friday night I went over to Tom's for a bit, waited for Dan to call... we just rented a movie from Blockbuster in Queen Anne then went to his place, watched it, and fell asleep early.

Saturday we went all over including rode the Monorail, which is cash only and $2 bucks each way for adults. I also feel it is even more pointless than the Detroit People Mover. He lives right by Westlake, so it was easy, but really we were being lazy and could have just walked it.

The Monorail ends at Seattle Center, which includes the Pacific Science Center, where the IMAX is located. We saw Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure. It was only 30 minutes long, but it was a pretty interesting story about Ernest Shackleton and his journey to Antarctica that did not go as planned, to say the least.

After the IMAX, we crossed the street to Cafe Darclee where we had yummy panini sandwiches and coffee. I first discovered this cafe with a friend in 2005 and have been many times since. The crepes are quite good and the selection of ingredients is impressive.

Today, also a chill day, was spent cleaning my apartment (it was much needed!), hanging out with my friends, and then hitting up happy hour at Umi Sake House.They have an excellent happy hour, great prices, great food. The service is a bit slow, but the prices and happy hour selection make you forget about it. Also, the restaurant is set up much like a house including a three season type back porch. You almost feel like you are eating at your wealthy friend's screened in porch.
Umi Sake House on Urbanspoon

After that I walked to Endless Knot (cannot find their website to link), this really cute little boutique type store at 1st and Bell. They always have cute dresses in the windows and their prices are totally affordable. One thing I learned though, if you see something you like - buy it! They do not stock a lot of the same thing and their merchandise is forever changing.

And now... time for bed...,


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