Today I went to Noodle Ranch, in Belltown, for lunch. I had never been before, even though it is right across the street. Well, it was yummy! I will go there again, for sure. The portions were big, too and I easily had lunch and dinner out of it. I will go there next week and try their Udon.

I worked more, took a nap, took out my recycling (it is so weird that there is no deposit on cans/bottles here!), went to the gym then came back... showered and met a friend at Amber for a quick drink. I got a girlie drink, which is not something I usually do. It was a mango kamikaze-tini type of drink, with a sugar rim and all. It was pretty good, but there is no way I could drink more than one with all that sugar.

I got home about 11, then worked, and now... bed!


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