Today (Tues) is my 1/2 birthday.

Sunday night I went to Dan's house... cooked dinner and chilled. I made shrimp pasta with a white wine/garlic sauce and baked garlic to spread on french bread.

I went home Monday morning, worked all day, then met my friend Michael at Umi Sake House (yeah, I go there a lot.) We talked, I had to tell him a story, he had to tell me stories... it was good to catch up.

After I got home, I worked some, then watched Monday night sitcoms, which I had not done in awhile. Oh, I totally dig the shows How I Met Your Mother and Samantha Who.

After that I kept working and also got to witness a pimp sell his hoe to a crack smoking/drug shooting upper John. Yeah, I totally saw her give him a BJ and then have sex. It was horrible. I called the police about 2 minutes into it, but 20 minutes later when they finished up (I didn't watch the whole time!!), they police still had not come. That life is so weird, but really, there is no need for having to witness that where I live. It is funny, when you tell people you live in Belltown... they assume two things... one, you somehow have tons of cash and live in a million dollar condo, and two, it would be so cool to live in Belltown. I admit, it's convenient to live here. I walk everywhere, I love being by the water, by the bars, by downtown, by the market... but in all honesty, and I never thought I would hear myself say this, I think I am ready to move a bit north, to a less crack/prostitute/crime infested area.

Anyway, today was a weird day... some weird stuff happened that I am not going to blog about... but then Dan came over for a bit... we ordered Thai from Bell Thai, but he only stayed a bit and went back home.

Now I am going to work some more, till I fall asleep... Oh, and Jeff sent me the script for his movie, so maybe I will start reading that.

Oh, and apparently, they just announced more quake fault lines in the Seattle area... which made me find this:


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