Tonight I met a friend at La Carta De Oaxaca. It is a yummy Mexican restaurant in Ballard, also the restaurant I went to with Jeff a few weeks back. I love the salsa bar, especially since I love salsa. It is always so busy, so there is always a wait, but very worth it. I might go ahead and say... 3rd fav restaurant in Seattle thus far?

Oh, and that picture of the sign was taken outside of the restaurant...

After that we walked to this small, but cute, bar called Hazelwood. This dual level bar is intimate, dim and yet still inviting. The actual bar is downstairs and has maybe only 4-5 stools, which were all in use when I was there. To the left you can walk up the stairs to a dimly lit room adorned with a local artists photographs (I am assuming for sale). Chairs are foregone for smoky grey sofas that allow you to get intimate with your guests, or random strangers depending on how busy. There is also a red button upstairs that turns on a light when you look through the periscope type thing, it is just calling you to press it.

The cocktail list was anything but ordinary and I think I would want to try most drinks. They have beers, too, but you will not find your crappy Bud Light type of beers, thankfully. I have a feeling this is the type of bar you should probably keep to yourself, because if too many people know about it, then it wouldn't be as cool.

Upon leaving Ballard, while walking to the car, this man and women approached us with a sob story of his wife's purse was snatched, and they needed cash to stay at the Starlight hotel down the road. Being the nice guy my friend is, he said he didn't have cash on him. The man tried his best to keep being dramatic about his sob story and then said he would walk us to the ATM. He claimed he would send a check... but seriously, one - I don't buy the story and two - if you are the type of person that cannot random come up with 60 bucks to stay at the hotel, how are you going to be responsible enough to send a check to a random stranger? Perhaps I am just so sick of the street people...


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