Well, last night my friend Dan called (a different Dan) and wanted to know if I was down for the Mariners game. Of course I was! So we met up at Del Ray for happy hour, had a few beers and some food then took the free ride zone bus from 1st and Bell to 1st and Jackson. We had to walk a few blocks to the stadium and during this walk is where we first got the Rickshas idea.

We bought some tickets off a scalper... who wanted us to pay a lot more and he decided he would do a coin toss and if he won we would pay $50 and if we won we would pay $40.. He gave me the coin to toss - I checked to make sure it had a heads and a tails, and I flipped let it land on the ground... and tails it was. He won... Then we got some free Rockstar Energy drinks and headed to Safeco, where Dan had to sneak in the Rockstars. We grabbed some beers - I was drinking Full Sail again, and Dan was drinking Pyramid Hef. The good beers are expensive there! We watched the game, ate a few garlic fries, made a plan to streak the field at an upcoming game, drank some more beers... Oh and I got a new hoodie at the team shop...

The M's lost to the Athletics... then the game ended and we decided to take a Rickshas ride from Safeco to Ivar's. We didn't exactly know where the Rickshas was taking us, but we just went. Here is the video:

We ate at Ivar's - the chowder is SO GOOD! I had the red, Dan had the salmon. We took some pics, then were just going to walk to my apartment.

Well, we leave Ivar's and oh my, another Rickshas. Here is the video of that one:

We walked across the Pier 66 bridge, up Bell to my apartment. We got some beer from the party store and then hung out in my apartment. We were going to sit on my balcony and watch crackheads, but none really came. Maybe calling the police is working!!

We ordered calzones from Amante and it was yummy! Oh, also, we dropped something off my balcony to the one below and had to design and build something to get it off. We ended up using a wire hanger, a long tape measure, and a lot of sticky packing tape. After fishing a bit, we got it! It was quite funny and we laughed quite a bit.

Then Dan went home - and I went to bed super late that night. Oh, by the way... my friend Dan is so much fun! - Happy, Dan? :)

Oh, I forgot, I got served a subpoena today. For those of you that know, I have court on May 6, as a witness, and I am dreading it so much!


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