After going to bed only an two hours ago... I was rudely awoken by some screaming, whistling, and pounding. Now I know I am not the only one in the building to have heard it. Well, it wasn't the usually crackhead yelling, so I threw on my robe and headed outside to investigate. Apparently there was a woman stuck between the security gate type of door and the real door in the building behind me. I called the police - and they actually came! I do not know if they came because I was calling about something other than a crackhead, or if they came because it was 5:10am and there wasn't much going on... who knows... but for the first time I saw police presence in my alley (well, second, I guess, I did see them once use my alley to do an unsolicited cut through, and just made some chick dump her beer, but that was awhile ago).

Yesterday I had to meet some clients from work in the Tukwila area. I went to Bahama Breeze for lunch, too, and it's been awhile. In Seattle we do not have many of the big chain type of restaurants - and even though I go to expense it - I forgot how nice it was to have rather inexpensive food!! It was pretty good, too. I also headed over to Linen's N Things and Nordstrom Rack to spend some gift cards. Giftcard shopping is great, because you can spend a bunch of money with no guilt! I also bought things I really did not need, like a cheese cutting plate?? It was kind of cute, so I just grabbed it.

After I got home, I listed a few items on Ebay (links to my seller page) to sell, and then Tom called and I walked over there.

We went to a restaurant that we had never checked out and is literally across the street from Tom's place, got Mike, and checked it out. On our way there though, we passed Subway and the had a handwritten sign that read, " Sorry, we cannot toast at this time." I was so confused by it, and maybe I was just having a ditzy moment, but I just did not get it and Tom had to actually explain their toaster was broken. But come on - why wouldn't they have a sign that read, "Sorry, our toaster is broken". Those guys that work at that Subway are stoners anyway...

Back to the restaurant, Cucina De Ra... So, in short, I probably would not go there again. They have a special "urban menu" - which is a soup or salad, entree, and dessert for $30 bucks. I opted for that and in truth, the food was pretty good. It was inconsistent, however. Tom and I ordered the same meal and his came with broccoli, mine did not. Mine was a way larger piece of fish than his. The service was very slow, inconsistent and just inefficient. First, our waiter waited so long to even take our order that Tom had to ask Mike and I, "Wait, did we order yet?"

When I ordered off the "urban" I was going down the list and the waiter stopped me mid order to explain that I could only get one item from each category, even though I had ordered it properly. He forgot my order and had to ask again. I ordered no walnuts on my salad, it came with walnuts. Tom was not asked for a second glass of wine(his glass was just swooped), Mike was. Mike was served after dinner coffee, with cream and sugar, no spoon. Also, we had to keep asking for more. I am a water drinker, I drink a lot of it, and the glasses they serve it in very tiny! There were other small things, too, but I cannot remember what at this moment. I feel as if the owner/manager knew we were not completely happy, because he gave us a $25.00 gift card to use on the next meal there.

Cucina De-Ra on Urbanspoon

After dinner we went to Tom's apartment and realized there was no vodka and Mike and I ran to the liquor store in Ballard - the only one that stays open late - with about 5 mins to spare. We got Vodka and a handle of Crown. We stopped at the Chevron on 15th and some guys were lost and I pointed them into the correct direction of the Tractor.

We got back, made drinks, Tom's friend Nick came over and we started playing Tiger Woods Golf on Xbox. OK, four people playing that game while drinking, is a long game. Then we made it more difficult by adding the rule... if you hit it OB, out of bounds, you have to take a shot. Yeah, I took shots - yuck!

Oh, this guy I met in Orlando drunk texted me a weird text, and I called him back... and he had this total immature douchebag of a friend wasted talking to me... and I felt like I was back in high school for a minute. Funny thing is, they are both from Michigan... and not where I am from, but a small town a bit north of me, but were my age.

Then Tom and I played Madden, well, Tom played I talked on the headset and pretended I played. Some guy from Syracuse decided he wanted to like marry me cuz I was a girl playing sports. I made him give me his myspace page... I went to it, and no pic of him on it!

I then took a cab home, fell asleep, and now... here I am up bright and early... I will try to fall back asleep... I go to Florida TOMORROW!


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