Dan and I went fishing on Pine Lake in Sammamish again yesterday. This time it wasn't very busy. Pine Lake is just far enough out of Seattle to be "country" but not too far of a drive. It was beautiful, and full of wild life.

So, after fishing for a bit, and getting pointers from the avid fishermen that were almost at limit for the day, Dan finally caught a fish! Naturally it was when I took a bathroom break, so I missed the action, but here is proof!

Also, we saw a Bald Eagle try to swoop and get a duckling. It never succeeded because some kids in a rowboat came and saved the duck. Truth be told, I kind of wanted to see it happen. The bald eagle was huge though, and not a site you would see everyday back home. Apparently there is a decent population here, though. Besides the bald eagle, there was a large loon flying about and swooping fish. I felt like I was camping, but we were about 25 mins from Belltown!

When we were driving back from fishing, we were on 1st Ave by the Stadiums, and some guy on a unicycle cut us off. Seriously, Dan totally could have hit him. Really, who rides a unicycle around town, and who cuts car traffic off in one? He crossed the road when we had a green light and he had a red!

On the way to my house, Dan and I went to Metropolitan Market to get some dinner since that trout was not going to feed us both, then back to my house, played some Wii, and then gutted the fish on the balcony. OK, Belltown apartment balconies are not made to gut fish. It was so gross. We did not exactly know how to do it, so we went on youtube, found a video and tried to copy it. Um, we - wait, I should say Dan - was not as good as the guy on the video, but he did do a pretty decent job. It was so gross though, here is the video!

We cooked the trout and made dinner. It was pretty good, not a lot of meat and you had to pick the bones out, but it was very fresh and yummy. Then we played Wii and the Wii boxing I was getting all into and even sweating. Yes, I am addicted to my Wii.

We also watched this movie - Into the Wild. I really liked it. It is about this "rich" kid who gives away all of his possessions, except what he needs for the road, and just travels for two years before ending up alone in the Alaska Wild. It was very long, but good. I suggest watching it. I kept talking about it today... analyzing it. Oh also, it is based on a true story.

After that, we passed out.

This morning I made breakfast for us with these eggs I got from Metro Market - um, out of 4 eggs, 2 had twins! Then I looked at the package and it said Double Yolk Alert. These eggs say that are all natural, but really, can they be with all the double yolks and hugeness of the egg?


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