Eww, I went to the Shell Station on Denny and Wall.. and regular unleaded... $4.15 a gallon. Are you kidding me? I know I filled up in the city and it's more expensive, but $4.15? Analysts say $5.00 by end of June and $6.00 by end of July? Seriously?

I wish I felt safe walking in Belltown by myself. Instead I drive to, like, Dan's house, 8 blocks away.

Speaking of which... Dan and I went to Whole Foods last night. They had 50 cent oysters on the half shell and $2 beers. Yeah, our new plan to save money is just eat at Whole Foods. I am kidding, but they had some happy hour special. Then we shopped, bought everything we needed for dinner, and went back to Dan's house played Grand Theft Auto 4, had a late dinner, and went to bed semi early.

I also went to the Post Office today. I waited like 30 mins in line, but there was only one person working and she was super slow. I do not get why the post office is always SO SLOW. Usually I just mail from my place and call them to pick it up, but this package went to Canada.

And now, work...


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