I am in sunny and beautiful Siesta Key, Florida overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, as I type. I am waiting for Jeff to get out of the shower and then we are going ocean kayaking. Yesterday after I landed, Jeff picked me up, we drove to the condo, I changed and we went to lunch with his parents.

Jeff's parents took us to one of their favorite restaurants, Phillippi Creek. It is this cute casual Florida type of restaurant that has picnic tables, indoor fans, an outdoor seating area, and great views of an intercoastal creek. The food was yummy. I had a softshell crab sandwich, and we ordered some Oysters - which Jeff tried one! - and peel and eat shrimp. The prices were phenomenal. I think my brain is so skewed by Belltown prices that I think any meal under 12 bucks is a total steal.

After Phillippi Creek, we went back to the condo and got a bit settled and changed into our beachwear, because I was so ready to get into that ocean. Jeff's brother and sister were on their way over with their new baby, Jacob. He is about six weeks old, and Jeff had not met him yet. So we spent some time with them, walked to 7-11 to get a 12 pack and then hit the ocean about 4pm. Also, we saw the weirdest thing at the 7-11... Budweiser and clamato juice?

So, Siesta Key is beautiful. The sand is very fine and very white. They say its made from quartz? It also does not get hot, which means not having to wear flip flops on the beach. We ran in the ocean, ran out of the ocean, drank beer, chatted, got sun, ran into the ocean, picked up shells, walked along the reef, saw a starfish, played with sea urchins and walked through the sand until about 8pm. We also went into the pool at some point around then, too.

After our outside excursion, we showered and got ready to go out, as it was Cinco De Mayo. First we drank some Mojitos that Jeff's dad whipped up, yum. Then we convinced Jeff's brother to go out with us just for a drink. We chose "The Snikki Tikki" across the street from the condo. It's part of Captain Curt's We had a few drinks, caught the rest of the pistons game (Go 'Stons), had some Landshark, Shots, Margaritas, and then decided we wanted to go dancing. Eric was not about that, so he went home and Jeff and I had the bar call us a cab. The cab came about 20 mins later, and the waitress totally called us the most expensive cab ever. It was called Knight Ride and they were luxury towncars. Whatever.

The cabbie took us to Siesta Key Village and we decided the Beach Club would be our spot. We went in, ordered some drinks - as they had $3 dollar Mexican beers... We started drinking Negro Modelo (oh, funny side story, Jeff texted my friend funny texts, including "Do you have any Negro Modelo?".. and.. "No, you have no Negro Modelo? Why?" It did not make sense, but we thought it was so funny.

They had some John Mayer wannabe on stage, that did not know any G Love songs, until about midnight. After that, it went to full cheesy Florida club. Well, Jeff and I decided to start dancing ASAP. Then I got an idea to go on the stage, and Jeff, too... and the bouncer said Jeff couldn't dance on stage, but I could. So I did for a bit. Then I spotted some people with a "Full Sail" University T-shirt on. I told Jeff they were from Portland, because Full Sail beer is brewed somewhere around there. So, we start talking to them... Um, no... Full Sail Uni is some art school in Florida. Whatever, we made them our new friends. So, we started dancing with them, they came on stage, and suddenly it was OK that Jeff was on stage, too.

Oh, I should mention... somehow I found two sombreros, and a necklace and a Cinco De Mayo Pin. I do not know how... but yes, Jeff and I suffered from IDIS - Idiot Dancing in Sombrero.

We danced the night away, in fact we danced so hard that we were just a sweaty mess, like Napolean Dynamite style when he is learning the dance move to the video. At one point Jeff ripped off his shirt, and I took a video of him because I was sure we were about to get kicked out. But, no... we were fine, apparently, Jeff just had to get dressed. I also think, that Eric, our bartender, forgot to charge us for a drink or two... either that or Florida alcohol is just cheaper.

We left the bar and called a cab as we were leaving. It never came. We went to 7-11 where apparently cabs hang out. No cab came. We called again, nothing. We got random snack st 7-11 and the boy I was dancing with saw me from afar and screamed that he loved me. Jeff convinced me to walk home because it was only a mile or so. So, we started trekking home. Well, about .75 miles into the walk, my feet were killing me because I had heels, and I had taken them off, so now I am barefoot. We found a walkway to the beach and we were going to walk the beach back, but then I got freaked out, as usual, about a random animal attack, or simply a fear of the unknown. Anyone who knows Jeff knows he is fearless. Plus, I just wanted to go home. I was so tired from my red eyes, and jet lagged and I just wanted sleep. So, we called a cab again... SUCCESS! There we were, two idiots walking down the road at 3am, wearing sombreros, and the cabbbie picked up on the random road and took us - what ended up being 2.5 more miles - to Jeff's condo. We got there and his machine wouldn't work... he kept swiping and swiping and nothing... we ended up getting a free ride.

We came in, crashed immediately and woke up today, later in the morning, at 11:30am.

Here are the photos... PHOTOS


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