Last night Dan and I started the evening by going to Nordstrom Rack at 2nd and Pine and then over to Taphouse Grill for some beer and food. We each got a sampler of beers - he went with bartenders choice, I went with 4 wheats.

After that, we went to QFC in Queen Anne, which was great and I am going to make that my main grocery store from now on. Then we stopped by the liquor store and picked up some tequila and vodka. Dan went to his house, I went to mine. We napped separately and then I picked him back up at like 9:00 or so. We came back, made tacos - which were so yummy!

Then we played Wii for hours. I woke up this morning and my arms were so sore, I could barely move my right arm. The Wii is hard work :)

Now I am off to Uptown Espresso to meet a friend... then who knows for tonight ;)


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