Last night I met my friend Ed at Del Rey. We watched the Pistons lose terribly... sad... and then during the commercials I would switch to the Wings game. They won. After Del Ray we ran to QFC in Capitol Hill, picked up some beer and a fire log.

We hung out in the courtyard behind Ed's place. A bunch of his neighbors were out and we were grilling and had a small bonfire. One thing I noticed about Cap Hill, neighbors were hanging out together! I have not experienced that in Belltown yet. I see my neighbors on my rooftop deck, and yet we never really interact. Us Belltowners are weird. I should move.

We drank beers and I went to Ed's house to season the chicken we had to BBQ and I walked into the wrong apartment! In my defense, they all have the same layout and look exactly the same. I was in the wrong building, but the correct apartment, actually. I think Ed's neighbor seemed a bit surprised, but he was nice. I asked him to join us, he declined.

Finding firewood in Capital Hill is not easy, even though there are a million trees around. We ended up burning an old cutting board, cardboard and other random things. It was fun, but I got tired so I took a cab home.

I also got a bit text-ie... which is never a good idea when you have been drinking... but it was a good experience... this time ;)


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