Last night Randon and I walked to the market and then met up with Tom, Mike and Mike's son for the M's game.

We walked to the stadium, but on our way stopped at this Mexican restaurant at Harbor Steps called Guaymas Cantina. It was so-so. The service was pretty bad though, very slow and we were one of the only tables. They kept forgetting to bring our drinks and we had to ask for our drinks three times. They finally came with the meal. The margarita was watered down and the food was just OK. The salsa bar was fully stocked with a few options, which was good. It is convenient place if you are near it, but if you are craving good Mexican or margaritas... go elsewhere.

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We went to the M's game and had pretty good 3rd row seats, but right in the section where you get all the line drives. Actually some girl got hit in like the 3rd inning in the section next to ours. This guy in the pics caught the ball, and he didn't give it to her. Instead like 2 seconds later he called his buddy to tell him he caught a ball. Really, douchebag, it's a foul ball, give it to the girl who got a broken nose by catching it with her face. Speaking of face, my face is still so swollen in these pics!

Yeah, if you know this guy, you should call him out.

After the game, we all went to Umi Sake House for sushi and some drinks. After that we cabbed to Ballard to meet up with my friend Greg at the Tractor. We stayed there a bit, had a few drinks... ended up closing out the bar.

We had to go out to Market Street to get a cab, and this cab slowed for us, and before he would let us in he called us to the window and said... Let me see you. He then said alright, get in. As we were driving he explained that lately he has been picking up a lot of "tweakers" and those people are crazy and will slit your throat for a few bucks... We obviously we not tweakers, so he drove us home. Weird.

He sleeps forever, I have been trying to get him to wake up for hours. He is on eastcoast time, you would think he would be up at 7... but it's now 11 and the kid is still asleep!!! I want breakfast!!

Oh, the cruise boat is in... which I do not know why that makes me so happy, but it does.


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