So, sitting here in the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport... at gate E17... waiting for my flight to Sarasota, which will be on a little plane. These women sitting next to me are Obama supporters and have been canvasing here in NC, and are going back home. I am kind of laughing in my head at what they are saying... not because they are backing Obama, but because they are excited that a black man that "had to suffer so much" will be in office. Really? I have read quite a bit about him... he suffered? That seems a little overkill. Then they are also saying that people who are out of jail often don't know they are eligible to vote and there is a conspiracy that white probation officers do not tell the black inmates they are allowed to vote... Maybe it happens? But really why do they not try to register and find out for themselves? Are people not responsible for themselves anymore? Hhhmm, I will let you make your own judgments on that one... but I can tell you, the moment I turned 18, I registered to vote - and no one told me I was allowed to or not.

On the plane here I listened to this hypnosis download that I got from Audible. It totally relaxes me, but for some reason when the guy says you might feel your fingers tingling, and that is when my right arm always fall asleep. He also wakes you up at the end, which sucks, but I swear 36 mins of hypnosis is like 4 hours of sleep. I feel great, and it is 5:10am, my time.

This airport is very cute. Everyone has accents, they have trees randomly placed next to white wood rocking chairs, and Wright brothers airplanes scattered throughout.


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