This morning I woke up to a bright and beautiful sun, and a hand rubbing my back. It was nice. I stayed the night at Dan's house and we played Grand Theft Auto 4, which actually, is an amazing game. I was obsessed with calling Michele, who was my "girlfriend", though she didn't catch on to the fact that I was involved with organized crime, even though I picked her up in different cars and took her to mobster hang outs.

I left early this morning and then went to the gas station... so sad... 62 dollars to fill up my tank - and I have a Nissan Altima! Now, I do not drive much - maybe 150 miles a month at most - so that tank will last me 2 months. Speaking of not driving, I feel I have done a lot lately to reduce my carbon footprint. I feel good about that. Not only is it good for the environment, but my electric bills are cheaper! I still fly a lot though, I am sure that is super bad for the environment.

I worked today, nothing too exciting, then I babysat this cute three yr old girl that I sometimes babysit. Yeah, I am 26 and babysit... that's right... We went swimming in her building and then we went for a walk around 1st and Pike. She is loving the crab apple trees on Pike and we went to Seattle's Best for a strawberry smoothie and sat down outside so we could look at them.

Looking at the crabapple trees with her made me wonder... Will I ever stop being a tourist in this wonderful city? I have lived here since September and yet sometimes I feel like I am on vacation all the time. Some things are familiar, like my favorite restaurants, the smell of my apartment (a mix of clean cotton and the wood from my furniture), some of my friends... but for the most part I forget I actually live here, but in a good way. Everything is still new, and I love that about it, and somehow, whenever I walk by the market, spaceneedle or even the water, I am always compelled to take a picture.


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