Tonight Tom and I went to Anthony's on Pier 66 for some dinner. I like going here because it is an easy walk from my apartment and you can eat on the waterfront. We ate outside, which was fine when the sun was out, but as soon as that sun went behind the clouds, we were ordering blankets (luckily they stock blankets for cold patrons!) We split the mussels, but they were not as good as I remembered them at the upstairs Anthony's. I had the Ahi bowl (what I always used to get in 2005 before my friend would take me to the airport) and Tom had the Mahi Mahi Tacos. Both our meals were really yummy. Also, Anthony's is pretty affordable if you eat downstairs at the "Bell Street Diner" vs. the upstairs. Oh, if you ever go here and have the chance to get corn on the cob, order it!

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Then we went back to Tom's house, but only after stopping at the party store to pick up some M&M's and Nestle Chocolate Chips in hopes Mike (Tom's roomie) would make cookies - thus breaking his diet. It did not work. We watched some sitcoms and then Tom drove me home, so the crackheads wouldn't get me...

I am all stressed about this court BS I have to deal with, but it will all be over soon! The defense attorney wants to interview me, but has not yet. I am hoping the 23 page letter I wrote to the prosecutor will be sufficient enough and the douche will plea it out. I love Washingtons laws on assault, because even if you were scared/did not want to press charges, they make it very easy for you - because the city presses the charges.

And now, bed.


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