Tuesday we woke up about 11:30 and Jeff made breakfast of fresh fruit and a bagel. We ate, got ready for the beach, and went to the kayak place to rent an ocean kayak. On our walk there we noticed that no one was in the ocean, but everyone was on the shore. Well, apparently a school of hammerheads were lurking about. We went to the kayak place anyway and the renter asked us if we were sure we wanted to go out... I was unsure, as I like my limbs, so we just went to 7-11, got Corona, went to the pool. We hung out there for a bit, swam, cooled off... then ventured into the ocean a bit later. I was still a bit freaked, but Jeff was all over the place. All of these little fish kept swimming by me and then a tarpon was following them, and I figured the shark would follow the tarpon and I wanted nothing to do with it. So, instead I searched for seashells. Jeff and I went back into the pool after that for a bit and about 5pm we went in to shower and get ready for dinner with his parents.

His parents took us to this restaurant called Turtles. It is on the intercoastal waterway and has a gorgeous view of the water, palms, fishing boats, etc. The service was pretty slow, and it reminded me of this bar I used to go to in Key Biscaine with my parents. It has that older beachy decor, but yet was still very cute. It was also nonsmoking, which was a plus. We ate outside on the deck and the service was SO SO SO Slow. I don't think our waitress wanted to be there. We sat about 20 minutes before getting a drink order. Finally we got our drinks and then eventually food. The food was pretty good. I had Ahi Tuna in Mango, Balsalmic, Onion Sauce with rice pilaf and a dinner salad. I had that Ahi super rare, like I like it.

After dinner Jeff and I headed out to the Snikki Tikki again, had a glass of wine, and then decided we would go home and call it a night. We were so exhausted and sunburnt. We watched some Deadliest Catch and then passed out.

We woke up pretty early today, about 9:30. We went to breakfast at this restaurant in Siesta Key Village called Sun Garden Cafe. We had omelettes and this amazing tomato bisque soup. Then we shopped at the random surf store and I bought a new pair of cute Reef's. After breakfast we drove back and went to the kayak shop. We didn't have enough cash to rent a kayak, so we convinced them to give a discount, and they did. We took the ocean kayak out for about an hour through the waves, around the reef, etc. It was fun and we didn't tip so that was a plus.

After kayaking we took a swim in the pool, then back to the ocean with floats and just floated in the waves for a bit. We headed back into the pool and before we knew it - it was 4pm and I needed to shower and get ready. We did just that and then headed to Tampa airport. On our way we stopped for food at Tijuana Flats. It was amazing. We need them in Seattle. They have like 14 hot sauces you can put on your food. I was in heaven. I tried the hot hot sauce and I thought I was about to die.

Jeff then dropped me off... and I tried to get a bump to no success... and now, on the way home... about to board my plane.


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