Yesterday Ketrin wrote me an email to meet her for happy hour. It was gorgeous outside so we went to Amber and sat outside. One drink led to a lot and for four of us (and like 2 beers for Dan) our bill was around $220. Crazy!

Then Dan and I went to Ballard to go to La Carta De Oaxaca for yummy Mexican. It was my idea, and I think Dan tried to talk me out of it, but when I have an idea in my head there is no stopping me! We took a cab and I was trying to tell the cab driver which way to go, but then I told him to ignore me, I had been drinking and I was a bad driver anyway. He then told me I was a good driver because I had not killed anyone, though I did kill a deer. He dropped us off and we had to wait a few mins at the Mexican place, we got a table, ordered Negra Modelos - YUM! I ate so much pico de gallo and Dan suggested I try his beef - I did, it was gross. Why do I keep trying beef? I'll try again, but it needs to be good meat, like from a steakhouse.

We then walked down the road to this bar called Kings that had an outside deck. Dan got us beers and I found this random table with two guys there and asked if we could sit. Well, my drunk ass started giving the one guy advice about his divorce? What? He was listening to me, I think. Dan is so patient with me, too...

Then we got into the cab, came back around 11 - yes, 11, and literally passed out.

Dan and I woke up this morning, we went to the Bagel cafe near Pike Place for breakfast, then I dropped him off and home and I went to Whole Foods. I bought a bunch of stuff, including food for dinner later that night. They had chicken, beef and salmon skewers on sale, so I picked those up to grill later on.

I was supposed to Ride the Ducks with Tom, but he ditched me, and then couldn't understand why I was upset about that, and also upset that he chose to tell his friends a secret of mine, even though he promised he would not tell anyone. He said he told them to help me, he had my best interest at heart, which maybe he did... but still does not give him a right to blab something to his friends that I tell him in confidence and put a rider on it by saying - Tom, you cannot tell anyone. He told two of his friends the very next day and somehow he thinks I am at fault cuz I got bitchy about it? He did not even apologize until I asked - why haven't you apologized? Then he gave me some forced half ass I am sorry. All he had to do in the first place was say... "Elise, I am sorry I broke your trust, I promise I will never do it again." Instead, he just kept saying how he had my best interest at heart, so then it was OK to break my trust??? I get weird when people lie to me or break my trust, I cannot help it, I take it very personally when someone disregards something that is very important to me. It was not his secret to tell, it was mine, and I did not even share it with people very close to me - why should his friends get to know when my friends do not even know??? Yeah, I am hurt, can you tell?

Now I am going to try to find something to do on this nice and sunny Seattle day.


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