I am bound for Ft. Lauderdale, FL today. Apparently, it is going to be really hot there.

As I pack, I realize how silly it is we pack in quart sized plastic bags. I also wonder if Ziplock and Hefty are pushing for this 3.3 ounces limit in the quart bag, because I bet their sales have doubled. I know this argument has been made many times before... as their are so many liquids that in 3.3 ounce form would hurt a plane, or cause sickness... but I just wish 5 ounces were allowed... so I could bring my Bed Head After Party on the plane.

Also, for the first time in a long time... I am carrying on. You can only check one bag now... I would usually check my 2nd one, but now I am bringing it on the plane. I do not get it. It will just take me an extra 2-3 mins to put my bag (slowing down boarding) in the overhead and I am carrying the same amount of weight. Annoying.

And now... I am out... on my way to SeaTac ;)


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