I have been a bit behind on the blog front... but then maybe it is because I have been out, living life ;)

Friday I met my Montreal friend, Peter, at Wasabi Bistro in Belltown. Usually if I go to sushi, I go to Umi, but Umi is not open for lunch. Anyway, we had awesome sushi and then we went to Starbucks on 2nd for a cup of after lunch coffee...

Friday night Brandon and I went to the Tigers/Mariner's game.

The Tigers game was fun. Before hand we went to Del Rey, drank a bit, ate some food. Then we bused to Safeco. We did not have any money, but I was wearing an orange wig and the bus driver let us on. We met some kids on the bus, one was a Fin from Michigan, so we talked about the UP. Then we got off, went to Safeco, got some beers and went to our seats.

We had pretty good seats on the 3rd base line and were surrounded by a bunch of Detroit people. The Pistons were playing and I was getting text updates because the sports pages on my phone are always 2-3 mins behind. Finally, Jeff and I were on the phone and he was announcing the last 3 mins of the game. It was sad. My heart was broken. My Pistons broke my heart, yet again.

We ended up meeting all these Michigan people at the game, and I think I made plans, and got phone numbers/facebooks names, etc.

The Tigers won! After that Brandon and I started walking back towards my place. Apparently we walked in the middle of 1st Ave...

We stopped at Jimmy John's in Pioneer Square for a sandwich. We got the veggie ones, and in the process met all these boys from Grosse Pointe. We chatted for a bit and they told us to meet them at Kell's by the market. We stayed there, ate, chatted with the Jimmy John's people and then took off towards Kell's. On the way we met more random people on the street, created a bit of havoc, and what not. Then we went to Kells and saw the GP guys again... apparently I added them all on Facebook and vice versa.

After Kells, Brandon and I tried to get a cab, neither of us had cash. It took a few but finally we found a yellowcab, which we took to Ozzies. It was packed! We wanted to sign karokee, but it was hard to even get a drink there. We did meet some random Belgium basketball players? And also this boy wearing a "hecho in conn" shirt that really wanted to do it with Brandon.

We walked back to my place, but tried to stop at Del Ray. The line was forever long, and we were not dealing with that. So, we went to the store, bought a 6 pack of Corona and went back to my house and played Wii. Then Brandon passed out on my floor...


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