I have been home now since Saturday. It has been hectic. I feel like when I am home, I am always running here, running there, chaos, I am being spread too thin. I have not seen any of my friends since I have been home. I worked, ran errands, worked, saw my Grandma twice and my Great Aunt & her son (who live in the Houghton/Hancock area of the UP).

Everyone thinks that since I am home, I am on some sort of vacation? I am here for work, work paid for it, so the extra things I get to do are just that extra, a bonus, not a priority. In reality, I feel like I should not have told anyone I was home!!

Not to mention the time change. I am great at going from EST to PST, but not PST to EST. I think today is the first day I am not completely exhausted.

So, some fun/weird things about home...

I forgot how much I love a salt water pool (not to mention how good it is for the environment!) My mom has one and I have been spending time in it.

People (my family, mom, boss, friends) keep paying for my dinners when we go out.

When I came into work on Monday there was a dead turkey vulture hanging upside down. Apparently, there were 5 of them, they tore our roof off, and we had to shoot one and hang it upside down in effigy - whatever that means - and it scares the other ones away. We had to get a special permit from the DNR and get the insurance company out because they did like 10,000 dollars worth of damage in 4 days. So, apparently my boss shot the bird, and hung it on our directv dish.

Ha, I just said it worked, and just saw one flying over the lake and then land on our back roof. Apparently, it did not work. Our permit is for 5...

Gas is so cheap here, well, compared to Seattle. I got gas with my mom on Sunday and it was just over 4 bucks a gallon. In Belltown that same day, 4.45.

On that same Sunday, I went to my sis's new house and saw her cat. Her roommate got a new kitten, and he is an 8 week old little devil of a cat. I am not a big fan of cats anyway (in fact, they are a deal breaker when dating!!), but how can you not think this little kitten was cute...

Tonight, I get to get my haircut - Yea!! I haven't had it done since Dec 23, which was the last time I was in Detroit. I just haven't found someone in Seattle, and I really like Denise... and well, I am getting it cut. Then Jeff and I are going to get a late dinner - of all my friends I have seen Jeff the most... which is nice. Saturday night we are going out for a crazy night since it his birthday!!

And back to work for a few mins...


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