Saturday I woke up, took Brandon to his place, came back here, did some work then showered and got ready for the 2nd Tigers Game. Charlie and his friends were going there, too, but I was meeting them there. I tried to take the free ride zone bus, but it didn't come and I ended up just walking to Safeco from my house.

On the way, one of the turning points of me living here happened... I always talk about one of the milestones of actually living in a place is randomly running into someone on the street. So there I am, walking down 1st Ave, past the market, maybe even in Pioneer Square by the time and I hear... "Elise". I turn around and it is Dan, of all people, which is even more random. Both of us were like a mile from our places, he was coming back from a work thing. I tried to convince him to go to the Tiger's game, but he went home.

I walked towards the stadium and I saw a police horse eating popcorn. I kind of laughed and it made me think of halfbaked, and Buttercup.

Then I went to Jimmy's at the Silver Cloud hotel to meet up with Charlie and his friends. We had a beer then went to the game. The Tigers lost. It was sad. Here are my pics from the game, which are starting to look so generic.

After my boys lost, we walked to Pioneer Square to get some food and drinks. On the way we passed this dog, which the guy I think got made at me cuz apparently you are supposed to give a dollar if you take the picture... but really, who does this to their dog??

We walked through Pioneer Square and went to New Orleans Restaurant. It is a cool old "southern" pub feel with exposed brick walls. They also had a live New Orlean's tyle jazz band playing in the "dining" side, but it was not too loud to still have a conversation on the bar side. The service was a little shoddy, and I ordered seafood gumbo and got chicken, but it was still really good chicken gumbo. I would go there again. I loved it this place, especially on a rainy day after the M's game. Oh, and this is their ladies room... I am weird, I know..

New Orleans Restaurant on Urbanspoon
I walked back to my house after New Orleans, but first stopped at the market to get some dinner for Dan and myself. I got fresh salmon, veggies and this awesome vanilla flavored honey. So yummy. The market is so so so busy on weekends now that it is all touristy season, so going there on a Saturday was a bit suicidal.

I made it out of the market alive and then as I am walking back this guy stops me on the street. He first asked me where he should eat, and just random Seattle questions. I was trying to be nice and answer him, but he was a talker and from Dallas and then finally asked me to hang out. It was kind of random, and usually I am about random, but I just was not feeling it, so I declined.

I went home, I cooked, Dan and I ate... and then... played the Wii... Dan loves to beat me in boxing, apparently... Oh, we also looked for a puppy for me. I want a maltese-poodle or a maltese-bichon, and we found a few, but they are from breeders and I am trying to adopt rather than buy, so we will see.


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