OK, so, really... today is June 7, and... I could see my breath today! What? Why is it so cold here!!

Today Dan and I got a late breakfast/brunch at this place called The Dish in Fremont. It is one of Dan's favorite places for breakfast, with good reason. I had a scramble with all this random stuff in it... it comes with red potatoes and a scone! It was so good!! They also have a large array of hot sauces to make your meal even more tasty! I have a feeling this place is busy quite often, but I am sure the late time and the crappy weather helped us get a seat pretty fast. We sat at the counter, so we could see into the kitchen and the pancakes looked amazing! So did the lunch sandwiches. They close at 1:30, and do not take credit, but those are the only downfalls I could see.
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I had to get gas today. It was sad, so sad. And I went to the cheap gas station on 15th... the Shell on Denny was 4.449/gallon! Ha, you can see me in the reflection! At least this tank will last me 2 months...

After that we went to Discovery Park. We first went to the welcome center and looked at the map, then drove to the south entrance, parked there and walked up the trail to the south beach trail. The south beach trail is easy to go down the stairs, but going up the stairs.. OH MY! You always forget how hard it is to get back when you are all excited to get down to the beach. We didn't go all the way down, because we ran out of time, but we will be going back!

Oh and most know that I like funny signs - well I saw two today! Both at Discovery Park!

Now, I am going to catch up on my blog, take a nap, and then get ready for the night!!


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