Wednesday night Jeff met me at the mall after I got my haircut. Then we went to Fountain Walk to BW3's. OK, I know it is superficial chain food, and I live in one of the best food towns in the USA, but I missed BW's. I missed the Spicy Garlic dipping sauce, and the Grilled Chicken Buffalitos, not to mention Bell's Oberon Beer!

We ate so much food and then went over to Lucky Strike to play a few games. I had not bowled in a very long while, and Jeff was way better than me. We did play a dollar a frame though, and it just so happened that I ended up only owing Jeff a dollar at the end.
From Blog Pics

From Blog Pics

I went home early, I actually slept, which was amazing. I think Wednesday was the first night I was able to sleep a bit, but I did have to be up at 5:50am EST the next morning because I had to be at a meeting in Lansing, Michigan (about 1.5 hours from my house) by 8am. I struggled!

I went to this meeting for the Michigan Minority Business Development Council. It was interesting. Basically, a bunch of companies tell you how to bid on their jobs, and they need a certain amount of minority bids. You do network with other businesses, which was nice, and you get to meet purchasing agents from the large companies and hopefully that will pan out. There is not a lot of money in Michigan right now, sadly (the malls were EMPTY), so I do not know how much our company will focus on Michigan. So far we seem to be doing better in the west and south, as they are building more and more for all the people moving in, where as in Michigan, everyone is moving out.

My mom was telling me that in her subdivision, which has your typical Farmington Hills Middle to Upper Middle class houses, that there were 5 or 6 foreclosures that she was aware of. There may be more. That is very sad that people are losing their houses, in addition, it makes my mom's and neighbor's houses lose so much value. Detroit needs help!

Thursday night, I went home and took a nap! After that Jeff picked me up and we met up with Joel and Carl at 5th Ave Novi. The Killer Flamingos, this local Detroit band that has been playing the same set list since.... I don't know, 2000 when they used to tour with Gordon Bennett Band... Well, they were not there for whatever reason, and The Spirit of '76 was playing instead. Basically they are a bunch of older dudes that play songs from the 70's and wear really weird clothes. Here is a video:

We didn't stay for too long. We took off about 12:15 and I was home by 12:30am EST.

I am leaving for a dentist appt soon. I love freshly cleaned teeth!


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