Yesterday after work I went to Peter's place in Redmond, then we drove up to Tulalip to the Seattle Premium Outlets mall. I did go to the customer service desk to get the savings coupon (just show your AAA card, or other options) and it was well worth it! I had to get some golf clothes for this golf outing I am attending in Ft. Lauderdale, FL next week.

After we left there we decided on some Italian food, and since we were on the Eastside, Maggianos was our choice. They must have been having an "on" night because we made a 9:30 reservation from the car, got there about 9:15 and were seated about 9:25. Our service was great (which is touch and go at this location), the food was very good (which again, is touch and go here), and we were sat at a booth (which I always prefer). If this were my only experience at the Bellevue Maggiano's, I would say this was a great Italian place... so I am glad I gave it another shot! Next time though, we'll see.
Maggiano's Little Italy on Urbanspoon

After that we went to Fred Meyer for a minute, I picked up a pot and potting soil so I can grow onions on my balcony, then we went to Peter's for a minute.

I drove home after that, and while I generally do not visit the Eastside, I noticed how serene it was driving over the 520 at about midnight. Every lamppost had a single seagul standing guard (I assumed it is because it is a good insect hunting place?). I love driving into the city on I-5, you can see the Space Needle in the backdrop of Lake Union... it reminds me why I love this city so much. The stupid, cheesy, man made tourist attraction of a Space Needle reminds me that this is my home? Silly, maybe...

It still does not exactly feel like home... but as the days go by... I am feeling like less and less of a tourist...


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