Yesterday I went to a spa in Belltown, for a 40 min facial. The facial uses Eminence products, which I guess is an all organic skin care line. OK, so this is my second visit to this spa, and if I had to base this spa upon this visit, I probably would not go back, which is sad because the owner is really good to our community! Just next time, I will make sure to see a different esthetician.

My appointment was at 1:45. I came into the spa and sat down at 1:41, everyone was in the backroom and it was a few minutes before anyone appeared. The esthetician that I ended up seeing spoke to her coworker in a very passive aggressive, condescending tone, then asked me if I wanted to use the bathroom before, and I said yeah, that might be a good idea. Then she said, well, we are already running 5 minutes behind schedule. I then used the restroom and after I finished looked at my phone - which runs of Verizon time - and it said 1:45, which was my appointment time, originally. Weird.

The spa itself is dark, has exposed brick, and has quality equipment and comfortable rooms. I do not like the music they play, as I am more of a fan of "spa" type music that helps relax you. The music they play was modern soft-rock, which I totally dig, but didn't help put me into the "relaxing" mood (not to mention I kind of felt I was a burden on my esthetician, which one should NEVER feel in a spa setting.)

I did like my facial quite a bit, but it wasn't the best one I have ever had. Part of that might be the fact that Rachael, my esthetician at Salon Agape in Novi, Michigan spoiled me with her amazing facials!

After that my friend came over, cooked a pasta dinner, and then we drank some wine and talked for a bit. After that we went to Umi Sake House and had the tropical sunrise roll - Yum!

Next Cory called me and said he and friends were at Belltown Billards. Now I swore I would never go here again, but here I am... at Belltown Billards. I hung out with Cory for a bit and his friends... they were playing pool... I danced a bit... they danced... then something crazy odd happened...

Cory wanted to introduce me to his friend... so we started talking and he said he was from Detroit, I said I was, too... He said where, I said Farmington Hills... he said he was, too... Turns out he went to Harrison and graduated in 1996... and I grad in 99 so we were there at the same time. It was just crazy.... so many MI people are out here!

It is super nice out today, and I am sitting on my balcony enjoying the sun while typing this!


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