drama. yes, so much drama. i am not going to explain the whole story, but basically.. if you are a guy cheating on your girl... don't get me involved, and definitely do not, under any circumstances whatsoever have her call me, because i really do not need that. you're a grown man, deal with it yourself. and if she does call, do not expect me to lie for you and cover for you. oh, and don't lie to me, too. lying just gets you in trouble all around!

whew, now that venting is out... it is very warm in my apartment, i have the windows open and the breeze smells like clean laundry. it is because the street cleaning trucks put some type of detergent into the alley, and i know it is not natural, but i love the scent.

yesterday my friend and i went to cougar mountain to just... take our mind off of seattle drama and drama people. it was gorgeous, i have never been and we just went on one of the shorter trails, but here are the pics!

From 2008-07-13 Co...

After that we came to my rooftop, drank some beers, grilled some food and then off to Del Ray. We chatted with randoms, had some food there, and then eventually came back to my place to chill for a bit.

Then tonight I went to Umi Sake House for a late night dinner, with my friend Peter.

A side note, in the past week, I have had three people from my "past" re-enter my present life... and let me tell you... it has been wonderful.


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