I cannot sleep. Mostly because I was all hyped up running around my apartment, packing for my trip.

So, today I went to Cafe Darclee for lunch with a new friend, Mike. Um, so, the food has gone WAY downhill!!! I know prices are up and what not, but my crepe was not good, not the same as it used to be, I guess the crepes do not come with salad anymore... I know they changed ownership, but really, they had to change the food to a crappier version of what it used to be? And the service - so slow! I used to love this place, and now, I might skip it.

My garbage disposal randomly stopped working, and my sink smells like crap because last night I guess it did not chop up all the pieces of onion and egg shell I put in it... Oh man, it's bad. I poured vinegar down the sink, which helped... a little... They are fixing it tomorrow...

Another thing, I am testing out the GrayLine Shuttle to go to the airport. It is 18 bucks round trip from the Warwick Hotel (which is about 3 blocks from my apartment) to the airport. Hopefully it works out OK, I'll definitely review it.

Oh, the plants I planted last week... are growing, well, the one plant is. I cannot remember if that is the rosemary or the basil?? The long planter is onion and so far it is not sprouting.



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