Planes. I am on a plane, yet again. In fact, since June 17 I have flown over 10,000 miles. Zig Zagging around the country, that is what I do.

This time it is Delta, part of the Sky Team Alliance, which is good because I can get even more miles on Alaska... I recently switched to Alaska from Northwest when I moved to Seattle, because Alaska is based in Seattle, and it just makes sense.

I am flying to Salt Lake, then I fly on to Seattle. Luckily I do not switch planes, just stay on the same one. I think I have an hour in SLC, so I am going to try to figure out if I can get off the plane for a few and just strech my legs.

I have not blogged in awhile, mostly because I have been busy. Like I have written before - coming home is exhausting. I am here, there, everywhere. Everyone wants me to come see them, which is so hard, especially when you are working all the time, and are carless. Oh well, I am on my way back now.

So, I just got off the plane in SLC. First, there are SO SO SO many kids at this airport. I was waiting in the line in the bathroom and not exaggerating, there were 30 kids in the bathroom belonging and not many mom's.

Then I went to the bar to get a drink, and it was full so this random guy said I could sit with him. He was a nice mid 30's guy named Michael who lived in the LA area, but was born in Michigan. We talked a bit and then parted ways. I got on this plane and I am so excited because I know my friend Tom, who I have not seen in 3 years, will be waiting for me at Sea Tac. I really really cannot wait to see him.

I am going to try to sleep a bit, we'll see if that works...


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