"So what I've got a short attention span
A coke in my hand
Because I'd rather have the afternoon, relax and understand"

Yeah, I rarely listen to my music on the ipod anymore. Generally I just listen to Pandora, so I forgot about some of my music. Flights are great for music.


Here I am again, on a plane.. zig zagging around the country, yet again!

I have been drinking... first at the airport bar where I met this cool Canadian Chica named Amanda, from MSP, but originally from Ontario somewhere. We talked a lot about life, randomness, jobs and then she bought me a Jaeger shot. She was great.

I got the veggie meal on the plane, which had chicken in it, which how is that a veggie meal? I was OK with the chicken though, and even more OK with the white wine.

I sometimes forget how much a of different life it is in first class. I hate sitting coach. Granted, I am not a buyer, but a upgrader, but still... You can pick and choose which flights have the least amount of buyers, therefore increasing the chances for an upgrade.

OK, my seat partner just told me to look outside, there is a crazy, amazing, beautiful lighting storm. He just took a video with my camera. I have no clue where we are, but it is 8:14pm and we took off at 6:14 pm PST with an expected landing of 10:00pm-ish PST, so you do the math... North Dakota, maybe?

I've been realizing lately, I am an adult. Sure, at 26, one would think that was obvious, but apparently not. I mean, of course I pay my own bills, I answer to myself, those are obvious signs... But I have noticed a change in relationships, with my mom, my dad, my family, my sister, my friends, with Detroit. It is so weird... and I think that is all I can comment on that.

Jeff is like my best friend, and Jeff if you are reading this - MOVE TO SEATTLE! I have seen him in April, May, June and now in July. I am super excited, because, he is like my... partner in crime... and I am sure we will have some good drama this weekend.

OK, I am going to ask for more white wine now and maybe if I am lucky, pass out for a bit...

Oh yeah, my onions sprouted today and my rosemary/basil is growing more and more! I am excited to see them when I get back!


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