Yesterday my friend James and I met up and went to Leschi to a park there and worked on his screenplay a little, and just talked about random stuff. We also pretended we were little kids and we found swings and had a good old time.

From 2008-07-12 Le...

Last night I met up with a friend, Moss, and his friends at Twist. They were just finishing up there, so I was kind of just in and then out. We walked over to Karma and had a few drinks there ($10 drinks at Karma is no fun!!) and we danced a little bit. Then Moss and I ran to my house which was only a few blocks away so I could switch purses, weird, I know. Then we went back to Karma, where Moss stole a blinking Ciroc Ice Cube, then to Del Ray, but there was a line, then Twist, there was a line, and Moss and I decided we wanted to go dancing, and his friends wanted to go to Amber or somewhere, so we split for a little bit.

Moss and I went over to Twilight Martini Lounge, which, let me tell you... wow, um, I probably will never go there again. That's all I can say about that. Though we did dance a bit, and Moss bought a bunch of drinks for us, oh and he stole the second thing of the night... a Corona...

We ended up meeting up with his friends, but I cannot remember if we went to another bar, too. Then we went to my house so I could get some stuff cuz I was going to head to Fremont with them, and Moss told me he would drive me home in the AM and to grab sleep things, so I grabbed a toothbrush, flip flops, pajamas, etc.

We went to Fremont, hit the hookah a bit, I made a banana and honey sandwich and we eventually passed out. Moss drove me home at like 7:30, because he had a cricket game and now I am trying to go back to sleep, but it is not working!


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