You know, flying never ceases to amaze me. In my lifetime I have flown, I don't know, hundreds of thousands of miles? I still am so amazed by the fact that the world is so small, and we can get from one part of the country, to another, and then to the opposite in less than a day.

I just left Detroit, headed to Atlanta where I am connecting to Seattle. Usually I am not a fan of connections, but sometimes they are necessary, especially these days price seems to dictate my plans more than convenience. I still remember my first flight, circa 1987, it was to Chicago and back. My parents wanted my sister and I to get used to flying before heading to LA to visit my uncle and they just happened to find tickets for $23 dollars - round trip. Ah, the good old days, airfare was cheap, blankets and pillows were in abundance and a warm meal was served in coach. Hell, right now I am in first class and my breakfast was a banana, not a real meal.

It is a pretty clear day and I have window, which usually I am an aisle girl, as I hate being "trapped" in the row, but today I am happy to have to window. I love looking outside at the lakes, the land which seems to be divided into little brown and green squares. I just saw a smaller plane flying a mile or two below us, yeah it is that clear.

I was discriminated against today, again... as usual it seems, for flying first. First I was literally walking to the first class check in and this employee said, "Are you flying NWA?" I said yes, he said,"Well, M'amm you need to check in over here." I said, oh, is first class check in closed? I went to check bags in and had the CSA tell me over and over I could not check three bags. Finally I logged into my phone, looked up the travel requirements and literally showered her on the Northwest website that I could in fact check three bags. She did not realize I was flying first class. Then finally, one more time, as I was going into the "special security line" for first class passengers, the TSA agent said, this line is for first class passengers. Really? Is it? You mean, the sign in front of the line saying first class didn't tip me off??? I can read, I was in the right place. I noticed, he didn't point that out to the two businessmen behind me dressed in suits. Sure, I don't dress up... jeans (or usually yoga pants), flip flops, hair pulled back, but everyone needs to be careful when assuming... things are not always as they seem.

Oh, and as a funny side note, I am the only woman sitting in my first class section right now, out of 22 people.

The flight is bumpy, we are in clouds at 32,000. My tummy just dropped a little.. why is my stomach weak? Maybe from the orange juice?

I find myself a bit anxious to return to Seattle. It will be good to be home, for sure, and I love Seattle... but I think this trip home made me really realize, nothing is as it was. I did not expect it to be, and in reality I think maybe I am not as I was. I feel like a different person in Seattle, and I almost feel uneasy back in Detroit. I do not know when that happened? The thing is, I am still a bit uneasy in Seattle... so in a sense... no where feels home... except oddly enough... right now this airplane feels pretty familiar.

I have always been nomadic, free spirited, on the go, cannot commit... but lately... I am wondering... Am I starting to want consistency?


Unknown said…
Love it! I wonder how they would discriminate against me....strip search lol

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