I picked up my Aunt and Uncle yesterday AM and they took me to breakfast. I picked The Dish in Fremont because it is yummy! We had to wait a little... but were seated outside. Breakfast was amazing, as always. I drank a lot of coffee though!

After eating at the Dish we drove over to the Ballard Locks. I had actually not been to the Locks, except for going through it on a boat... It was kind of nice, and the Salmon were already running and jumping back up the fish ladder.

The day was absolutely beautiful and I love getting reminded why I moved here... I love that feeling!

After I got back my friend and I decided to aimlessly walk around Belltown/Waterfront/Downtown, etc. The day was too gorgeous to just chill. We started by walking down to the waterfront and this guy told us to talk to him, flashed some badge and said he was giving us a ticket. We were very confused and the guy was Indian and had a thick accent so I asked him what was he talking about... I mean, we did not think he was a cop or what not, but maybe a crack pot? Turns out he wanted to give us stickers and we would give him money for some religious thing? Yeah, we walked away, fast.

There were a lot of people out on the Waterfront, as the cruise ships were all docked, and it was nice out... Godz Gang was out, they have Nike Jesus shoes and a tricked out car and they sell white bandanas, tshirts and other Godz Gang stuff. Everyone sets up food stands from their trunk, musicians, vagabonds, crackies, and tourists all harmonizing while walking in the salty breeze... How I love this city.

We walked to Pioneer Square before turning around and walking 1st back to my place. We saw a woman leading a horse into a parking garage, which I thought was weird.... So I investigated a bit and she had the horse tied to a post in the garage. And, um, after looking at the picture, I might know why. I also got to experience first hand what hung like a horse means...


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