I am 26... Usually I never feel old. Sure I have grown up, matured, but never felt old... Until I started hanging out with some people that were just a few years younger than me. That is when I remembered... how much I have changed and matured, and grown up in the past two years, and felt a bit old... but also, was so happy I felt that way.

When I was in college, Facebook did not exist. While I do have a Facebook account now, it was not until about a year ago that I actually started using it, as I had no friends on it. Even now the friends I do have on it just use it to post a picture here, a status update there, etc. It is not like I have been received a crazy house party invite, been randomly contacted for a date, or posted mass gossip for all my friends to see.

It seems my group of friends missed the Facebook fad by just a few years, and for that I am ecstatic. I cannot imagine some of the reactions to photos (not digital, either BTW) from my freshman year of college being posted, tagged and viewed by colleagues.

I forgot something today... how fast news travels. I casually mentioned something to a friend, because my curiosity got the best of me and it somehow BLEW UP. I have a feeling, while I do not know for sure, that it was blown out of proportion, too, based upon my knowledge of the childhood game, "Operator."

I blame this transfer of misinformation on:

1. The Facebook mentality that information and random things you say are just not private anymore.
2. Everyone is a Facebook/Myspace/insert random networking site detective these days... and because they expect all information to be there, in front of them when needed... when it is not, they go further in search of pointless information.

I am not saying this would have never happened with my older, not as connected group of friends, because it always could have. But chances are the news would have traveled slower, or maybe not at all due to the fact that we all freaking work so much, are not in school, have crazy lives, and are just... past that? Maybe not... Maybe it would have worked out the exact same way... but the fact that it has not before, makes me a bit... cynical...

And now, I am frustrated, and have added another person to my "filter" list, and probably was put on someone else's "filter list." Perhaps that is a good thing, I probably need how to keep my mouth shut and stop being so damn outgoing...


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