I am a sucker for Olympics. It is like I am addicted? I will say though, I have been watching on CBC, because they are not on PST delay.

I just got back from Umi, oh how I love sushi. My friend met me there for happy hour. I think I could eat sushi everyday, every meal. I have to stop eating so much of the tuna and yellowtail though, because I think that I am forming a slight allergy to them... it is like I get a sinus problem after I eat a lot of tuna.

It is so hot in Seattle, and it is the middle of the night. Tomorrow is supposed to be 91, record breaking heat... I thought I left the gross heat when I left the midwest. I think I will go to kayaking and at some point jump in the lake, we'll see.

I kind of have a busy weekend ahead. Plus my uncle is in town, and we are going to see Shrek, the musical, which debuts in Seattle at the 5th Ave Theater before going on to Broadway in a few months. I never realized that Seattle has a pretty decent theater demographic, and a very good (Tony Award) winning theater (I think the Intiman?)


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