I had yet another busy weekend... Sat.. after getting up and getting dressed, I headed over to Discovery Park... My friend Eric and I hiked around all the way to the beach area. It was a bit hazy out, but beautiful none the less. I love it here, and I love going places that make me say... Oh yeah, THIS is why I moved here!

After we went to SushiLand in QA for lunch, and I decided I could add that part a Queen Anne to my list of places to possibly move.

I went home, napped a bit, woke up to my friend Steve basically telling me to get my ass up and go to the M's game. So I hopped in the shower, threw on my M's shirt and we went to the game. We drank beer, watched the A's kill the M's... Then we went to Whole Foods to get sandwiches and took them to his friend, Sara's house. We played board games, which was surprisingly fun... Plus funny things come out of your mouth when you are drinking and playing a game like Taboo.

On Sunday my friend Chris called and asked if I wanted to go to the M's game.... So, I went and so did Steve. We watched the M's beat the A's this time, much to Chris's dismay, as he is from Oakland. Also, the M's are in 2nd to last place, only the National's have a shittier record.

I also went shopping this weekend and bought work clothes, and now I am all excited because I love new clothes... Now I just need new shoes, too... Hhhmmm...


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