I HATE Millenium Cable/Broad Stripe Cable... whatever their name is these days!

So, it is late, I am not sleeping, but watching TV to try to fall asleep and started watching this show on CNN... it was a biography on the life of Barack Obama, which having been a Hillary Clinton Supporter I do not really know tons about him and it was pretty interesting...

Well, in the middle of it... all channels random turn to channel 2 - which is CBC. What? Why does this happen? This isn't the first time, in fact it is probably the 15th time this has happened, and I do not watch much TV. And I cannot even call them because they are closed.

Now, one might ask why I use them... Well, they have a monopoly on my apartment building and the only service I can get is Millenium/Broad Stripe. How are cable monopolies fair?

Blah. It's back on now.


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