It is currently pouring in Belltown. Not that misty, magical rain... but real rain, the kind that is cold and chills you to the bone. The type of rain we usually get in the winter. Luckily, I made it back to my apartment before it down poured, and now I am lying in bed just listening to pitter patter against my window and the rushing of water from the down spouts.

My Aunt and Uncle are in town from NYC. They got in last night and I picked them up from SeaTac. We then drove to Palace Kitchen at 5th and Lenora for dinner. I wanted to take them to a restaurant with good food and Northwest-ish cuisine. One of my friends said Palace was where I should go.

Palace Kitchen is a restaurant owned by Tom Douglas. Let me tell you, it was amazing. We had to wait a few minutes for a table, but that was OK, as we ordered a bottle of wine at the bar. They have an extensive wine list with many choices. The waiter who helped up seemed very knowledgeable about the list, too. After about 5-7 minutes we were sat at our table, a booth, towards the back of the restaurant. Our waitress was very friendly and helped better describe the meals, so we would know exactly what to pick. The only problem was - she made everything sound amazing!

Our food came and it was even better than we expected. I had the halibut which was served over an arugula and bread sandwich with an amazing cucumber vinegarette dressing. The piece of halibut was quite large and cooked perfectly.

The restaurant itself was lively, but still quiet enough where you can have a conversation with your dinner partner. High ceilings, open ductwork and semi open kitchen gave this restaurant a modern - industrial turned chic feel. Also, they serve food until 1am!

I cannot believe it took me so long to eat at this place... I am adding this to my list of favorite Seattle restaurants.
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