Kwame finally gains street cred...

"What matters to me ... is how the court overall is perceived and how if it was not Kwame Kilpatrick sitting in that seat... If it was John Sixpack sitting in that seat, what would I do?", District Judge Ronald Giles says to Kwame Kilpatrick, my former "Hip-Hop Mayor", in front of a court room packed with reporters from all over the country. (I find it humorous that he said John Six-Pack, and not John Doe.)

Yes, Detroit's "Hip Hop" Mayor is gaining street credit by spending the night in Wayne County Jail tonight. Actually, according to the Wayne County Jail's inmate look up, he was booked at 12:52pm EST.

I first heard about his jail sentence when I woke up this morning from the's Twitter Feed. I like being in PST, it is my favorite time zone, because you wake up to tons of news and happenings on the East Coast.

In March, Kwame was charged with a slew of crimes, including perjury for lying about an affair with Christine Beatty, his then Chief of Staff. The two were outed when text messages with City owned phones were made public. Kwame paid $7,500 in bond to remain "free" after being charged with perjury. Another requirement of his bond was just to make a simple phone call and let the courts know if he was leaving the state. Simple, right?

Not for Kwame, who believes he is above all other residents of Detroit. Apparently he crossed the border to Windsor to work out some Border deal with the Canadians.

I cannot understand why this man is still the Mayor? Has this city not been disgraced enough? All he had to do was make a 2 minute phone call, and he probably could have had an assistant or friend (wait, aren't all of his employees friends and family?) do it for him!

So, not only does Kwame have this leaving the country issue, but Mike Cox, Michigan's Attorney General, will tell us tomorrow if he is charging Kwame with assault after he allegedly assaulted a Sheriff's detective who was attempting to serve a subpoena to Hip Hoppy's friend.

Hopefully Mike Cox is also re-investigating the death of Tamara Green, a stripper who was allegedly attacked by Kwame's wife during an alleged crazy Mayor mansion party. It was rumored that she was going to tell investigators the truth about the party.

I read that Granholm canceled her plans/schedule today to have "internal meetings." We can only hope that by internal meetings they mean - figuring out how to get rid of Kwame sooner than his misconduct hearing on September 3.

I know I left Detroit, but it is my home, and a piece of my heart is there... And while I LOVE making fun of Kwame, I have since he was first running for office, I would like to see my city thrive and grow... not be publicly humiliated and shamed.

Yes, the Hip Hop Mayor needs to go... Don't forget, this is the same "Raise the Roof" Mayor (yes, he did that a lot!) that Chris Rock modeled his character after in the movie, "Head of State". Except Chris's character probably did not text...

Oh as a side note, in July 2003, I went to one of the only Eminem shows that year, in Detroit. The show started with a pre-show video:

"The video then cut back to Eminem getting back to his phone call with the mayor to work out a deal to schedule a Detroit performance, and includes Eminem giving the mayor a special invite for a party at his "mansion." The line elicited laughter from those in the crowd who were hip to local news reports about a recent investigation into rumors of a wild party at the mayor's Manoogian Mansion. (The state attorney general deemed the rumors to be nothing but the stuff of "urban legends.")"

Also, I do think that the Detroit News Reporters are loving the National spotlight. Karen Drew, a local reporter for WDIV - NBC (Rescue 4 Undercover), was all over the news out here. I am sure National media exposure can boost your career.

So, good luck in jail tonight Kwame, even though I am sure you will get the Paris Hilton treatment. Hopefully you look hot in a green jumpsuit... and look at the bright side - after tonight, you will get that street credit to back up your Hip Hop Mayor image!

And if you are looking for Kwame Mug Shot swag... Here is the place ... And Here...

*Right Mugshot from March, 2008. Left Mugshot from booking today.


Citizen Carrie said…
There sure is a lot going on with Kilpatrick, isn't there. I hope someone is keeping track of all of his upcoming court dates. I don't think he was able to bring a Blackberry to his jail cell.

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