It has been quite awhile since I have posted a blog. I have been very busy with work, with life, with travel, etc.

Right now I am home in Detroit. I arrived on Sunday, Oct 5, and am going home Oct 22, which happens to be my birthday. I actually had plans to spend my birthday in Atlanta, but changed those based on the fact that the friend I was originally going to visit got a little bit weird on me.

I am always a huge ball of stress when I come home. I am home for both work and personal reasons. My mom got reconstructive surgery on her ankle yesterday, so I am mostly home to help her out, cook for her, etc... but I am also working out of the office in Brighton, which is nice because sometimes it seems as if I am out of the loop when I am on the west coast.

Speaking of home... everytime I come back here it feels less and less like home. People have changed, some for the worse, and I have changed. Plus, the longer I am in Seattle, the more I become established there and the more it feels like home. Plus, I have something new in my life that makes me yearn to be there even more...

Just 13 more days...


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