R and I are a bit sick, so last night we just wanted Pho. Well, living in Belltown... it is like the only neighborhood in Seattle without a Pho joint. Rather than go up to Capitol Hill, I decided to scour Urbanspoon and Yelp to look for a place downtown. Well, we found Cafe Pho at 3rd and Marion, but I never thought to check their hours. They closed at 5.

We then walked down to first and kept walking until we reached this Pho place that I knew existed, on Yesler at 1st, in Pioneer Square. I love Pioneer Square by the way. I love the tall trees, the old buildings, I love the history. I just wish it were less sketchy (not that Belltown is any better.)

Anyway, we went to Pho Ha. It was pretty dead, we were the only people there. They had a good selection of Pho and also other Vietnamese items. Ryan and I had spring rolls (which were huge) with peanut sauce, then he had beef pho and I chose the seafood pho. The only complaint I had was mushrooms were in my pho and it didn't say there were mushrooms anywhere. I should have asked, I usually do, but I forgot. All in all it was pretty good Pho, and I'd probably go back.

After being in Pioneer Square, we hopped on a bus headed back to my place, but stopped at Pike to go to Walgreens, as we are sick and needed Nyquil. Well, as we were walking back down 3rd... we noticed a Pho place on 3rd between Pike and Pine! Oh well, we will know for next time.

Pho Ha on Urbanspoon


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