So, I am obsessed with Twitter. I update what I am doing at the moment, it then shows up on Twitter, send it to Facebook, Friendfeed, Whrrl, etc... I am sure I annoy my Facebook friends with the constant status updates.

There are a ton of Twitter Apps out there to help you utilize Twitter in the best way possible. One of those is called

Anyway, a Twitter friend of mine pointed out something weird... has uncovered a major Twitter Bug. Basically, if you want to read a users protected private Twitter posts, it is now possible with

How to do this:


When setting up a new alert, type the Twitter user name in the keyword box.

Uncheck the box "Search only text, not @reply name"

Now you can be a stalker and receive your friends/enemies private Twitter updates. Scary!

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DShan said…
that is a bit creepy.
DShan said…
blogged it.
Elise said…
It seems that it works with direct messages, too. Even scarier!

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