So last night R and I went to Wallingford Pizza House. It is this awesome little Chicago style pizza house on 45th in the city center area of Wallingford.

The restaurant was pretty cozy, maybe 12 tables? The walls are adorned with photos and drawings of Chicago, and they give you a carafe of water - which is good because I like to drink a lot of water. They have a good selection of not entirely ordinary beers, along with the ones you would expect.

R and I skipped the beer, but did order the spinach salad to start. The salad wasn't your ordinary salad, either. It was topped with parm cheese, walnuts, dried fruit, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

We also each ordered a Dome pizza. They are a personal sized pizzas, cooked in a bowl with the crust on top, then flipped over and served like a deep dish pizza. It was so yummy! Ryan got the Fire one and I got the Tomato Basil. Both were very, very good. The prices were totally reasonable as we spent just under $30 bucks (without drinks) and we will definitely be back.

I have not explored much of Wallingford, but I am hoping to in the next few months. It's pretty conveniently located and there are a lot of cool restaurants, many which have taken up residence in houses on 45th.

After stuffing ourselves full of food, we went to R's and actually got to sleep at a decent hour... which leaves me wondering why I was so tired this morning??? ;)

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