So, I am on a plane, traveling what the airlines tell me is 2019 miles from SeaTac to Detroit. I wonder if that number is really accurate. Anyway, I am on Northwest Airlines flight 212, not really because of choice, but because if I wanted a Sky Team Alliance direct flight, Northwest was my only option.

Northwest used to be my preferred airline. When I first started flying, I would actually choose to fly NWA over most of their competitors. I remember those days… as they were also the days of a good (hot) meal, no checked baggage fees, movies/radio for entertainment, free pillows and blankets galore and friendly flight attendants. Yes, I yearn for those days. Unfortunately, just as I hit my peak travel time in life, they have all seemed to disappear.

Not only is flying a hassle in general these days for reasons like… I am lugging around a 40 pound carryon suitcase that so large it can barely be labeled a carry on… I am on a 5 hour flight, pretty hungry for real food and my only non 1st class option is a tuna fish snack box or some candies, both which require cash, as Northwest is not a cashless cabin like every other freaking major airline. Well, to top it off, I totally started my, ya know, womanly cycle. That sucks in general, but on a flight is even worse! I hate being told when I can and cannot use the restroom because of turbulence or being blocked from the aisle, which brings me to my story.

I am sitting maybe 3 rows from 1st class, as I do not generally get upgraded on NWA flights with my Alaska MVP. I was sleeping until the snack/pop cart hit my elbow and woke me up. I looked at the time and realized I probably should go to the bathroom, to ya know, take care of the lady stuff as I had not done so in a few hours. I looked back and the drink cart was only in the row behind me, there was no way I would be able to make it that long, so, I went to the first class bathroom. Now, I have done this on many other occasions when I am in the bulk head seats and it has never been a problem.

Well, the coach flight attendants did a 2nd drink service and started in my area. I took a look back and I was totally blocked. It would be a 30 min wait before they were done, and there was no way I was going to negotiate the cart. So, I went to the 1st class bathroom. Well, as I am leaving, the 1st class flight attendant says to me… It’s nothing personal, and I am sure you didn’t want to wait for the cart, but for security reasons, you have to use the restroom in your class because you are too close to the cockpit. I replied with, well it was an emergency and I couldn’t wait for the carts.

Oh, wow, she just came by and told me to close my laptop because it was bright and we were landing soon anyway. They haven’t even started to pick up the garbage from the drink service. I’ll finish this when I get home.


I’ll be home 25 days total. When I bought the ticket, it seemed like a good idea. I could put in some face time in the office, shop for the holidays without being stressed and worrying about shipping the gifts (or paying baggage fees for gifts), hang with old friends and family, etc. I made these plans though before my last minute 2 and a half week trip to Detroit in October. If only I knew…

I am sure I will be a major ball of stress for the next 25 days. In addition, I didn’t anticipate R being in my life, so, I did not count on being away from him for a month… which seems like it should be easy, but in reality… will suck.

Oh and, yeah… “It’s so cold in the D!” (Really, it’s like 20 degrees and snowy…)


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